Market Round 1 – Permanent Projects And Credits

This event is planned for July 2022. It will allow developers to bid for short-term and permanent Phosphorus mitigation credits, and farmers to offer prices for supply of permanent wetland and woodland projects.


The legal agreements to enable operation of this phase of the Market are now close to being finalised. Publication of market schedules - including anticipated supply, demand and market operator charges - will occur at least four weeks prior to opening the Market Round. The credits available in this event will only be valid for developments in the Parrett area of risk with a planning application in South Somerset District that is delayed only by Phosphorus mitigation issues.

The Market aims to run future rounds early in autumn 2022, and hopes to expand its operations to cover all three areas of risk (ie to include the Tone and Brue as well).

Parrett area of risk (March 2022 update)

Market Opportunities Statement

This will summarise the amount of registered supply and demand for credits in each of the target areas.

Market Schedule

This will summarise the timings of market opening and deadlines for re-bidding in each round.

How To Participate

This will summarise how to register your right to make bids in this market round.


CM1 v1 - Wetland Project Guidance

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CM2 v1- Woodland Creation Guidance

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