Fixed-term Projects 2021 - Round 2

Following the success of the first round of bids for fixed-term projects, we offered to fund further arable reversion and cover crops (after maize) projects. The round ran until Friday 17th September. Cover crop prices settled at £75/Ha, Arable Reversion at £340/Ha


Arable reversion and cover crops are effective at reducing phosphorus loads.

EnTrade, a Wessex Water company, offered to pay farmers to temporarily revert their arable fields to grassland (up to end March 2025) or to establish over-winter cover crops after maize (in autumn 2021). This is part of a process of reducing the amount of phosphorus flowing into the Somerset Levels and Moors.

The Somerset Catchment Market appointed EnTrade to manage bids in this application round.

This bidding window ran until 17th September 2021.


We funded arable reversion and cover crops in the area on the map shown below. If you are not sure if your land is within the area please get in touch.


We offered funding for two measures in the locations in the map above. These were:

  • Arable reversion

  • Cover crops over winter after maize

Full details of each of measures offered are shown in the Downloads section below, but general requirements are shown below.

Arable Reversion

  • Zero or low input of phosphate containing fertilisers and manures

  • Sow a basic grass mix

  • At least one cut of hay or silage per year required

  • Establishment by 30th September 2021 or grow a cover crop in winter 2021/22 and establish grass in spring 2022 (this could facilitate some black grass control prior to establishment of grass)

  • Bonus payment for planting of cover crop in autumn prior to establishment (if grass seeding is delayed until spring).

Cover Crops

Cover crops must be established by 15th of October. Further details are shown in the full guidance which you can download below.

How To Participate

EnTrade’s market platform allows you to bid the price you want to be paid for actions on the fields that you specify. You can alter this bid at any point during the open period for the auction.

To register for an account please click on the button below to create an account. Once you have created an account you can start to enter details about your fields ahead of any future market event.


CM4a: Arable reversion (including new or wider buffer strips) to zero-input grassland

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CM4b: Arable reversion to low / medium input grassland

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CM 7b: Cover crops following maize and other late-harvested crops

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